Saturday, April 30

you may already be a winner...

...if you're in the group Lansing-Dreiden. I've gone through the first half of the 750 songs that bands from this year's SXSW music festival (see earlier post) made freely available. I'm proud to announce the winner of best song, group name between A-L, is...

L-D Section I's "Metal on a Gun" (mp3 download)

At the group's labyrinthine website you can find more info on this art collective, which also goes by the name Lansing-Dreiden. They make music (of course), art, words, you name it.

I plucked out links to the songs below for y'all. You can thank me later.
Glass Corridor (mp3 download, low res)
Locks in Shadows (embedded mp3)
Spectrum of Vapor (embedded mp3)
Asb (embedded mp3)

And epitonic has a few tracks too:
metal on a gun
laid in stone


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